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Fees charged will be agreed with you and will be shown in the contract for legal assistanceIn order to solve your file, take birth and other expenses such asneed to translate documents, payment of fees, costs related to travel, and so on, all of which will be agreed with the customer from the beginning and will be placed in legal fees will be charged separately or as expenses associated / related legal services. Our goal is to always minimize costs, ensuring also the provision of high quality legal services.

In setting the fees will have the following elements:

  • For individuals, the establishment of fees will be made by:
    1. difficulty, extent or duration of the dispute / case under review;
    2. working time and complexity of legal studies that involve the execution of mandate or activity requested by the client;
    3. nature and novelty of the case;
  • For legal persons: Setting fees for businesses will be taking into consideration, in addition to the above items, the opportunity to develop cooperation with you, for it permanent or advance the current legal services in collaboration complexity and / or length.

Types of fees

Hourly fees: applies to projects that can be quantified in scope and time.

Fixed fees (flat): customers perceive a project seeking unique, difficult to quantify the duration and complexity.

Success fees: the parties agree on a fee that meets the condition of proportionality in relation to the nature and complexity of the case in which legal assistance is granted, plus the success fee reported to achieve a complementary way by the lawyer of a particular result.This success fee shall be set as a fixed amount, being able to make payment of installments.

Fees consist of a combination of the above criteria

Subscription fee type: constitutes a form of profitable collaboration for both sides, allowing the customer expenditure planning and creating prerequisites for a true partnership relationship between client and cabinet. In a asftel collaborations, our attorneys provides monthly number of hours of legal advice.

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