Fairness. Law

Financial, Banking and Leasing

Regarding the financial – banking field, legal assistance is represented by a multitude of actions, depending on the time when specialist support is required:

  • Prior to signing a legal entity financial operations:
    • Legal analysis project credit agreement / lease financing;
    • Negotiating contracts on behalf of clients, implementing recommendations;
    • Issuing legal opinions on the situation subjected to analysis with recommendations likely to mitigate risks in the client;
  • During performance of the contract
    • Issuing legal opinion from exposed situation analysis with our recommendations, the strategy should be adopted;
    • Negotiating and start the necessary procedures in order to achieve restructuring credit / financing;
    • Conceiving various actions and representation in court;
  • After termination of funding / credit:
    • Issuing legal opinion after analyzing the present situation;
    • Conceiving various actions and representation in court.
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